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Conditions of Enrolment

All enrolments are subject to the following General Conditions, which become legally binding on acceptance of enrolment by ACCADEMIA ITALIANA (Salerno)

1 Italian Courses

1. a.

All Language Group Classes run Monday to Friday except on official Italian public holidays. On their first day students must be at school by 08.30. One lesson lasts 45 minutes. Group lessons are usually held in the mornings, however occasionally (high season) these group lessons may be scheduled in the afternoon. Individual lessons are generally held in the afternoon.
The number of lessons includes the placement test and the final exam, as well as the final feedback. There are 6 different levels (A1-C1) and completion of a 4-week course does not guarantee advancement to the next level. In the rare event that a student is the only one for a particular level after taking his placement test, his tuition will be converted to private one-to- one lessons, reducing the lessons by 50%. In the event that there are only 2 or 3 students for a particular level, tuition will be reduced by 25% (ex: 3 semi- individual lessons instead of 4 group lessons a day), given the more intense nature of a small class size.
After having started, it is possible to change the course, but only with a more intensive course and not the opposite, respecting the whole period of attendance previously booked. If a student does not attend or wants to shorten his/her course after the course has begun, lessons subsequently lost cannot be made up and tuition fees will not be refunded.Classes are normally not held on public holidays. All published course start dates fall on a Monday. If the Monday is a public holiday, the start date will fall on a Tuesday. Compensation will not be made for classes not offered on public holidays.
All students starting the Course on a Non-Starting Date will be placed in a study-group which has already started previously. In this case, we strongly suggest that the student also books a Super intensive course for the first week order to make up for all the units lost.
Individual classes are usually scheduled in the afternoon and have a duration of 45 minutes each. In the case where the school is unable to fulfill any courses to which it is contractually bound because of Force majeure (pandemic, earthquake, fire, natural disaster, and act of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labor disputes) or other reasons which are beyond its control, the school will do its best to mitigate the troubles and will immediately move all the Italian face –to-face Courses ONLINE, respecting the same schedule and duration of onsite courses previously scheduled.


Italian Courses Online include different options: one-to-one and group online lessons. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. Hybrid courses are also offered (face-to-face students and remote students synchronously). Before enrolling, students get a first trial lesson free. Online individual lessons are customized and timetable is usually agreed with the students. However, the minimum attendance is 2 online lessons per week and 3 lessons are highly recommended in order to get the most of the course. The full payment of the Italian online course package, by bank transfer, is due in advance and before starting the course (for more details about the bank details, please refer to n.5 of this document).
The course package of 10 individual classes must be attended in maximum 6 weeks and in maximum 12 weeks for the package of 20 classes. If a student doesn't attend the class at the scheduled time, without any written notice by 24 hours prior the lesson, the lesson will be considered lost and it cannot be made up. If a student is unable to attend the lesson, he/she has to notice it 24 hours before the scheduled time. Accademia Italiana guarantees that all teachers are native speakers and highly qualified. Students are assigned to a particular teacher according to teachers' timetable and to the organization of the school, always respecting students' needs. When a student buys a new package of lessons, he/ she is not automatically assigned to his/her previous teacher.
The school can assign a different teacher according to the current availability and can replace him/her with another teacher with the same qualifications in order to avoid any inconvenience.


Special Programs include tuition and the activities specified. They take place with a minimum of n. 4 participants on fixed dates. In the rare event that there are only 1 to 3 students for a particular program, therefore the minimum not being reached, tuition can be converted to private individual or semi- individual lessons, reducing by 25-50%, given the more intense nature of a small class size. Otherwise participants can join a general group course attending 100% lessons. 50 PLUS program participants could be placed in a general group course of their language level but with younger students, if there are no other 50 plus participants with same language level, or they can ask to turn group course into private individual or semi- individual lessons, reducing the number of as stated above. The possibility of being included in the exclusive group of a specific program, justifies the difference in the cost between these special programs and general courses. Activities will however be guaranteed.


All Italian Art and Culture Courses are combined with General Language Courses and start on Mondays. Group Lessons generally take place for an extendable duration of 1 week for 4 lessons per week in the afternoons with a minimum of 4 participants. These courses can be booked in advance in our enrolment form, In the event that there is not the minimum number of participants of n. 4 for a particular Course, tuition fee will be converted to private 1- to-one or semi-individual lessons: with n. 1 participant, lessons will be reduced by 50% ; from n 2 to n. 3 participants, lessons will be reduced by 25%.


Teacher Training Courses run from Monday to Friday (except on official Italian public holidays) with a minimum number of 4 participants. Lessons are usually held in the mornings, however occasionally (high season) these group lessons may be scheduled in the afternoon. One lesson lasts 45 minutes. Preparation Courses for DITALS certification consist of 30 hours of lessons in 1 week. As far as the other teacher courses are concerned, conditions are the same as language courses (see above). In the rare event that a participant is the only one for this course, the tuition will be converted to one-to-one lessons, reducing the lessons by 50% (ex: 2 individual lessons instead of 4 group lessons a day). In the event that there are only 2 or 3 participants classes will be reduced by 25% (ex: 3 semi- individual lessons instead of 4 group lessons a day, given the more intense nature of a small class size).


Internship Program includes an Italian language course which is compulsory for at least 4 weeks. It is not possible to book the Internship without the language course. The Internship is unpaid working experience in different professional fields. The minimum duration of the Program is 4 weeks and the maximum 24 weeks. It is possible to attend the Italian language course for the whole duration of the Internship. In this case, the Internship experience will be scheduled in the afternoon or evening. Students can choose the professional field where they would like to make their internship experience before their enrolling. A CV and a questionnaire will be given to them in order to help our staff to look for an unpaid working experience which is more suitable for the client. Once started the Internship or once the school has informed the student about the place and the company where he/ she will do the Internship, it is not possible to change it. In particular it is not possible to change the place of the Internship once the student has already accepted it.
A change of the company and typology of Internship is possible but it will have an additional cost of Euro 400.

2 Accomodation

Finding lodging is a service reserved only to all students who are regularly enrolled and who attend one of our courses. Accommodation is booked from h 12.00 on the Sunday before the starting date of the course until h 10.00 on the Saturday after the course. Extra days must be booked in the enrolment form as extra accommodation arrangements. However, it is not possible to take up the accommodation earlier than the Saturday before the starting date of the course and to stay later than the Sunday after the end of the course. All the available accommodation has been selected by a Housing Office, according to our Inspection Scheme for cleanliness, comfort, and location. All lodgings meet with the standard level of quality and convenience and are regularly checked. All details about accommodation will be communicated to students or agents about 2 weeks before the starting date. In case of complaints, students must inform our administrative office in written form within the first week of staying and our secretary will inform the Housing Officer, who will do his/her utmost to find the best and most satisfying solution, taking into account the student's fully justifiable reason and the availability of an alternative accommodation. Accommodation fee is never refunded after having booked the lodging for the whole period required.

3 Picking-up service

This service must be booked at least 1 week before the start of the course. All last minute changes or delays in flight arrivals must be immediately communicated directly to the private transfer Company. Telephone number will be provided with the confirmation of the service.. Any changes or cancellation can be confirmed to the Secretary of the School 48 hours before the students arrival. This service cannot be cancelled later than 48 hours before your arrival. The students must give written notice to the school of their time and day of arrival no later than 48 hours before . Therefore, upon receiving the accommodation address, agents or students have to contact the school (fax or e-mail) to communicate the date and time of arrival in order to punctually arrange this service. If there is no previous communication, the transfer service will not be guaranteed. The school is not responsible if students or agents do not follow the stated conditions. Students arriving directly in Salerno station can take a taxi or public transport to get to their accommodation where the landlord or a member of the family will be waiting for the students to welcome them and to give them any information concerning the accommodation. In case of delay, the student must contact the landlord directly.

4 Payments

A non-refundable down payment of Euros 160 is required to secure reservation for courses and training. The down payment can be made by cash, PayPal or bank transfer. All bank expenses are charged to the students, so an additional € 10 will be added to the down payment of € 160. The rest of tuition and accommodation fees must be paid in full by bank transfer before the arrival or by cash or credit card on the first day of attendance otherwise the student will not be allowed to attend his/her lessons. On the first day of attendance, students are given a copy of their bill to be paid. Those who send the total payment by bank transfer before arriving in Salerno are asked to provide the school's administrative office with the bank's receipt of payment on their first day of attendance.
Students who need to get the certificate of enrolment to prove their travelling for study purposes are asked to pay the total amount of the course fees upon enrolment. If for any reason, they need to change the course dates, the school will issue a credit note for a future in-person course, which must be attended within 12 months after the original starting date. In any case, no refund is due after receiving the total course payment or for any mistaken payment issued by the clients. If students choose to attend an online hybrid course, once the course has started, it is s not possible to change the type of the course (from online into in person classes and vice versa) or to ask for a postponement or a refund.

5 Conditions of payment

Payments can be made by cash, bank transfers, International checks. No credit cards are accepted. All bank transfers must be made in favour of:
Bank account N. 000000403222
ABI: 8378
CAB: 15201
IBAN: IT12K0837815201000000403222
Students must clearly specify the name and the course in the bank receipt

6 Change of bookings, cancellations,refunds, termination and postponement policy

Plans can change and students may have to postpone, cancel or prematurely terminate their booking with us. The school reserves the right to levy an administration fee to cover the costs of any change for courses or accommodation after we have booked and confirmed the booking. It is possible to upgrade the course for a more intensive course during the stay but downgrading is not possible. The school must be informed immediately of any requested changes or cancellations in written form.


Refunds will be made to the account from which the fees were originally received. All refunds will be made in written notification.

6.aRefunds prior to arrival

The down payment of 160 euros is never refundable after an enrolment has been accepted and the school has sent the enrolment confirmation. For any changes or cancellations communicated earlier than 15 days before the arrival the down payment of 160 euros will be credited for a future course within 12 months after the original starting date. For any changes or cancellations communicated in less than 15 days before the arrival, the downpayment of euros 160 will not be credited for any future courses.

6.bRefunds after course start date.

After the course has started, tuition fees are never refundable. Students cannot cancel the booked course and no refund will be given if a student arrives late, prematurely interrupts or does not attend the classes. This includes any period of missed lessons or illness during the course. No refunds are allowed for a delayed start or premature departure. Tuition is never refunded due to absence from class and classes subsequently lost cannot be made up. Courses fees are non-transferable to any other person.

6.c Force majeure.

Accademia Italiana is not liable in cases where the school is unable to fulfill any services to which they are contractually bound because of Force majeure like pandemic, earthquake, fire, natural disaster, and act of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labor disputes or other reasons which are beyond its control. In these cases tuition fees are never refundable and no refunds are allowed to the students. The school will do its best to mitigate the troubles and credit the full tuition fee for a postponed course, issuing a voucher valid within 12 months. for a future course with no cancellation fee. If a student cancels his /her course no refund is due under force majeure circumstances but the school can offer the possibility of re-scheduling the program, issuing a voucher for the amount of the course/ program paid, detracting of all the costs that have already been covered. The school can also move face-to-face students into online or hybrid courses: students attend remotely the courses and no refunds or reduced price is due. If a student cannot attend his /her course in person because of quarantine, self-isolation, etc., the school offers online lessons during all the period thus offering hybrid courses.

7 Visa

Students who are not EU citizens who want to enroll for a period exceeding 3 months must apply for a student visa to the Italian Consulate in their country. Accademia Italiana will issue a Certificate of Enrolment, where it is clearly specified the length of the course (course start/end date), and the school documents to apply for the student visa only after receiving the full payment of the course fees. If the visa application is rejected, after receiving the certificate of enrolment and the school official documents, a credit note with the amount paid will be issued for a future in person course/program within 12 months after the original starting date. If the VISA is definitely rejected students receive a reimbursement of the course amount minus 10% of tuition fees in order to cover administrative costs and the services already booked. After receiving the visa, it is not possible to cancel or change the dates of the course. Once in Italy, every non-EU student must Police (Foreigners Office) within 8 days of their arrival. Accademia Italiana takes the responsibility to inform the Authorities in case of no-show for 3 consecutive days, without any justified reasons. For cancellations and postponements due to visa rejections, accommodation and airport transfer costs will be refunded less any additional cancellation fees charged by the school. To qualify for any refund, a written notification and receipt of relevant supporting documentation must be presented to the school at least 14 days before the original arrival date listed on the booking confirmation form. Refunds can only be made to the payer.

8 Accident and medical insurance

We advice that students take out a medical and personal insurance before leaving their home country. Citizens from the European Union are entitled to free medical care in Italy if they hold an E111 Form which can be obtained from their local health authority in their home country. Citizens not of the European Union must conform to the requirements issued by the Italian Government. Details can be obtained at their local Italian Embassies.

9 Resolutions of disputes

If a student needs to complain about any aspect of the school and its services, the complaint must be made in the first instance to the Administrative office in writing which will try to find an adequate solution. In the event that the matter is not resolved, the student or agent must make a complaint in writing to the Director of the school. Such complaints will be taken into consideration provided that:
- The complaint is received by the end of the course
- The complaint has been officially made in written form
- The total amount of courses and accommodation have been settled in full.

10 Liabilities

Accademia Italiana is not held liable for any accident, damage, injury to persons or property however caused. The school is not held liable for theft, damage or loss of objects within the school or within the spaces used for extra activities and within student accommodation. Furthermore, the school is not liable in the event of the school being unable to supply services to which it is contractually bound resulting from causes outside the school's control such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, government actions, pandemics, terrorism and like. Refunds will not be made in such circumstances.

11 Policy of harassment, bullying and discrimiantion

Students at Accademia Italiana come from more than 30 different countries and the school is committed to providing with a working and learning environment that is free from all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination. The School makes all students and employees aware of the policy forbidding harassment, bullying and discrimination and their responsibility to comply with the policy. This policy is clearly stated in our terms and conditions so students are perfectly aware of it and accept it. Appropriate action, which may include warnings and dismissal/disciplinary proceedings for serious or repeated offences, may be taken against any student or employee who violates this policy.
Staff and students of Accademia Italiana are committed to treating everyone equally and without discrimination.

12 Valid prices

Price lists in brochures and on our website are valid from January 1st until December 31st. of this year.

13 Explusions

Accademia Italiana reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct is unsatisfactory at the discretion of the Director, whose decision is final and binding. There will be no refund for fees in cases of expulsion.

14 Acceptance of this regulations

All enrolments are subject to the above-written Terms & Conditions, which become legally binding on acceptance of enrolment through electronic and/or signed registration form or any written form of registration (also through agencies and representatives). By enrolling, the applicant tacitly agrees and accepts our Terms & Conditions.

15 Applicable Law

Any dispute, claim, litigation or other matter concerning the interpretation or implementation of these Conditions of Enrolment will be subject to the current Italian law and shall exclusively be brought in the court of competent jurisdiction of Salerno (Italy), in the place where the services covered by the contract take place, conforming to the normal practice in the Italian law.

16 Photography, Filming and Sound Recording

Accademia Italiana may arrange to photograph or shoot video footage of students or use their written feedback for promotional purposes. Any student who does not wish to participate should advise the school in written form at the time of booking and state at the time of the photographing or video shooting. By accepting these terms and conditions the student (and their parent/guardian if under 18) gives consent to the use of these photographs or video footage without further consent or notification.

17 Changes to the terms and conditions

Accademia Italiana reserves the right to amend or alter its terms and conditions without providing further notice. In such cases, any newer version automatically replaces a previous version and becomes valid for all courses and students from the date of its implementation.



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